Acoustic portraits [2013]

Acoustic Portraits was a video piece made with Angely Chi during my residency with The UnifiedField in Davao, Philippines, and exhibited at Fete Dela WSK in Manila, November 2013. A recording of four local musicians from Davao City playing a mix of traditional and world instruments was time-stretched to 1/10th of the original speed to create a portrait of their music.

With time stretching software we can nearly freeze the sound, bringing out rich qualities in the timbre of the instruments that are otherwise too transient to hear at normal playback.

Thanks to our musicians: Neil Cervantes (hegalong, flute), Anne Mendoza (kalimba, guitar), Romar Cinto (djembe, kubing, rainstick), El Felicilda (djembe, bird flute)

Thanks to Angely Chi, Marta Moreno Muñoz, AVL Studio, Gloryrose Dy, Glorypearl Dy, Marben Picar, Baian Lindo-Valdez, and Lulu Amorado for their support and contributions.